Monday, 14 May 2012


Hello everyone! How was your weekend?? I had a pretty choice weekend. It was probably one of the first in a long time when I actually had nothing on/ was actually in my town for the weekend...and all but one of my friends gapped it outta town for weekend. I love the TV show "The Mentalist" but cannot watch it by myself, because when it gets dark and the house starts making weird creaky noises I freak myself out a bit. So discovering that my one remaining friend was a Mentalist fan as well, we decided to do a marathon, and watched 9 episodes of the new season in a row...not gonna lie, I had some pretty weird dreams that night that Red John was chasing me. haha.
Now this was the most exciting part of my weekend...on Saturday night I got a call from my grandparents. The conversation went a little like this:
*talking about random what-i've-been-up-too stuff for ages*
Grandad: "You know how its our 50th wedding anniversary coming up?"
Me: "Yup"
Grandad: "Yea it's a pretty special occasion for us. So we have been trying to think how to celebrate it"
Me: "ok"
Grandad: " Well, we have decided to take the entire family to Vanuatu for a holiday. All expenses paid." 
Me: " What the heck? sdkha;fhgae;fghjkfhgweurlsfghmdnbfvergd (thats me freaking out, coz this is the coolest thing ever)" 

Photo from Here

So yup. This will be me in September. YAY!!! Feeling so blessed right now! 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

DIY: Op Shop Jersey

So I did a little op shopping the other day and found a cool grandad sweater on the $1 rack. It looked like it would fit me, so for one dollar, how can you go wrong? When I tried it on at home I found that it was HUGE. I was swimming in it. So I washed it to see if it would shrink a bit or something. Didn't work. As I was looking on a blog called Glasses and Pipes, I came across this genius idea to resize sweaters that are WAY too big. 

Here was the sweater I bought:

As you can see, It's giant. So I just lay it down on the floor with the seams together, put on top a sweater that you like the size of, and cut around. Make sure you leave enough for a seam allowance.  Then sew it back together with a straight stitch then zigzag. Simple

Finishes sweater! YAY! so much better!!!

I think this could be the start of a sweater craze. The possibilities are endless...

You could add cute elbow patches 
Source from here

Or a little collar

Source from here

Or some lace pockets

Source from here

Thrift Store Outfit #2

Happy Saturday Everyone! Its a stunner of an autumn day here in The Love. I'm enjoying just chilling out. 
So heres this weeks thrift store outfit..

Dress: Op Shop
Cardi: Op Shop
Shoes: Warehouse.
Stockings: Warehouse.

I think I need a tripod or something haha. At the moment I put my camera on the fence to take photos. I'm scared the neighbours might think that I'm:
a) Crazy
b) Spying on them
c) A weird tourist

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. They are probably my most favourite, most worn pair of shoes that I have ever owned. They have a pretty cool little story behind them too. When I first saw them at the Warehouse (up in Whangarei, before I moved), they were on half price sale. I loved them and found a pair in my size. As I was walking towards the counter, I felt like God told me not to buy them. I thought that was kinda odd, since it was just a pair of shoes, but I put them back on the shelf. I went to the Warehouse about a week later and they were still there, so again I picked them up and went to pay for them, but while I was waiting in line I felt again not to buy them. I moved to the Waikato shortly after, to a town where there are pretty much no shops, so when one of my friends said he was going to another small town near by to go to the Warehouse, I jumped at the chance for some new scenery. I noticed they had a shoe clearance sale on, so I went to look, and I found the same pair of shoes that I had been wanting for $4.99!! I would also like to add that they were the last pair there, and they were in my size! I felt like God let me know that day that he cares about the small details of our lives, even a pair of shoes. I thought I was getting a good deal at half price, but he was like "Just you wait, they are gonna get even cheaper." So whenever I wear these shoes, I'm reminded how much God loves me. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Love, Love, Loving!!

This week there has definitely been a chill in the air! Winter is on its way *sigh*. I grew up in the Winterless North, and this will be my second winter in the Waikato. All I can say is that Northlanders have is pretty darn good in winter!! I woke up the other morning to a frost. Our cars were iced over and it was freeeeezing! My internal winter clock felt very confused because in Northland we only ever have frosts on the very coldest days in winter. and its not even winter yet. 
Anyways since this post is about what I'm loving, even though I dislike the cold, I do love how frosty mornings turn into the most beautiful cloudless days...

And I'm loving that I have a reason to wear pretty scarves and beanies!!

Thrift Store Outfit.

I am a person who's on a pretty tight budget, since I only work part time, but I also like shopping and getting new clothes, which doesn't really work in with the part time job thing! Lately I have trying to make new and different outfits from clothes I already own, to make things a little more interesting. I've also made it my goal that one day a week I'm going to wear an outfit of clothing I've bought from an op-shop. soooo heres todays outfit!!

P.S. So hard taking a photo of yourself..haha

Collared Shirt: Op-shop
Jersey: Op-shop
Necklace: JustJeans
Belt: My mum's wardrobe
Skirt: Handmade
Boots: Warehouse
Bag: Op-shop

Monday, 9 April 2012


So I haven't blogged in a while, coz I've been feeling SOOOO uninspired. Life's been a bit busier than usual lately, but there hasn't been much excitement to blog about...but heres a few things that have happened since I last posted...

About a month ago, I got the opportunity to play bass for my friend's recording. We got to go to a legit studio and everything. Such fun!

Check it out.."Healing Waters" by Ken Knight.

Also been doing a bit of op-shopping! and found some sweet bargains!

Found this cute lacy top for $7.

And this cute little..umm i actually have no idea what it is. I'm using it to hold my make-up brushes and things. 

AND the best thing of all so far! Some shorts that were originally from Glassons, but heres the best part..THEY STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL TAGS ON!! Pretty much brand new!

Really bad photo of them..didn't realize how hard it is to take self-portraits. I tried doing the whole taking a photo of my reflection in the mirror business, but then I realized everyone would see my messy room in the background Photobooth had to do. 

Today I got my easter treats in the post from mum! YUM! Lindt is there best! 
Thanks Mum!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Tunes Tuesday.

ooohhhh yea its back...until I forget again haha. 

Been loving these guys for quite a while now. I first heard of them when I was at worship school. One group was on dinner dishes duty and they were cranking the tunes through the stereo (music always makes tedious jobs more fun right!) This song came on and it caught my attention and I had to ask "Who is this?" 
Will Reagan and United Pursuit.
I just absolutely love these guys and their hearts for worship. I love the simplicity and rawness of it. The heartfelt passion. 
Take a listen. 

Also loving this..