Monday, 14 May 2012


Hello everyone! How was your weekend?? I had a pretty choice weekend. It was probably one of the first in a long time when I actually had nothing on/ was actually in my town for the weekend...and all but one of my friends gapped it outta town for weekend. I love the TV show "The Mentalist" but cannot watch it by myself, because when it gets dark and the house starts making weird creaky noises I freak myself out a bit. So discovering that my one remaining friend was a Mentalist fan as well, we decided to do a marathon, and watched 9 episodes of the new season in a row...not gonna lie, I had some pretty weird dreams that night that Red John was chasing me. haha.
Now this was the most exciting part of my weekend...on Saturday night I got a call from my grandparents. The conversation went a little like this:
*talking about random what-i've-been-up-too stuff for ages*
Grandad: "You know how its our 50th wedding anniversary coming up?"
Me: "Yup"
Grandad: "Yea it's a pretty special occasion for us. So we have been trying to think how to celebrate it"
Me: "ok"
Grandad: " Well, we have decided to take the entire family to Vanuatu for a holiday. All expenses paid." 
Me: " What the heck? sdkha;fhgae;fghjkfhgweurlsfghmdnbfvergd (thats me freaking out, coz this is the coolest thing ever)" 

Photo from Here

So yup. This will be me in September. YAY!!! Feeling so blessed right now! 


  1. Sweetie I`m watching your blog for a while! Maybe you wanna follow each other? just announce me :X

  2. Cool about the vacation! How is the job hunt going?